Jason Hudson

Jason Hudson

Training Consultant

Jason started his journey in technology sixteen years ago as an analyst and then a Business Intelligence manager. Before coming to MicroStrategy, he was a development consultant, working with enterprises such as Timex and the Department of Energy. Jason is certified in OBIEE Reports and Dashboard Developer, SharePoint Administration, IBM Content Collector Administration, and is an Oracle SQL developer. When Jason isn’t teaching, he spends time programming and being the neighborhood laptop repairman, as well as spending time with his family and solving crossword puzzles.

다가오는 강좌 Jason

Developer (DEV) Certification

코스 11.013

Demonstrate your proficiency in software development modeling. Review and troubleshoot problematic coding samples and apply fixes. Exhibit your ability to leverage the MicroStrategy SDK to customize basic visual and functional components....


Overview of Enterprise Mobility

코스 11.121

Build basic enterprise mobile applications using MicroStrategy tools. This course will cover the fundamentals of enterprise mobile and build the knowledge base necessary to tackle the more advanced courses offered for analysts, developers, and admini...


SDK for Customizing Analytical Applications

코스 11.213

Learn MicroStrategy Web APIs and SDKs and have the ability create custom analytics applications and integrate analytics into any existing business application. We recommend that attendees take the Overview of Enterprise Analytics course or be intimat...


Introduction to Coding with MicroStrategy SDK

코스 11.214

Learn about HTML and CSS to prepare you to dive into other MicroStrategy SDK classes.  Discover or just refresh your knowledge on the technologies behind MicroStrategy SDKs. Review key programming concepts and how the Web works.


Embedding Analytics with MicroStrategy REST API

코스 11.215

Learn to leverage different APIs offered by MicroStrategy through REST end points. Embed dossiers in web pages with the Embedding API library, manipulate data objects from a custom application, and push your data into a data cube using your custom co...

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