Course 11.314

Working with MicroStrategy in Linux

This class touches on the basics of Linux, then covers deploymentof the MicroStrategy Analytics platform in a Linux environment tolearn the directory structure, location of MicroStrategy utilities, andhow to take advantage of them. Learn the various tools and featuresavailable for managing, performance tuning, and troubleshootingyour Linux environment.

About this course

Products Covered:

  • MicroStrategy Intelligence Server
  • MicroStrategy Web
  • MicroStrategy Mobile

Topics Covered:

  • MicroStrategy Analytics Platform for Linux
  • Installation in a Linux environment
  • Administering MicroStrategy
  • Performance tuning and troubleshooting

Skills You Gain:

Skills you gain
  • Understanding the deployment process, best practices, anddirectory structure in a Linux environment
  • Using the best tools to establish platform connectivity andmanage your Linux environment
  • Sharing resources in a clustered Linux environment
  • Using call stacks, log files, and tracing for troubleshooting

강사 주도 교육

Zoom - Europe, Zoom - Europe 9 18, 2020
오전 9:30 - 오후 5:00 CET
영어 Franciszek Szych 등록
Zoom - Europe, Zoom - Europe 12 3, 2020
오전 9:30 - 오후 5:30 CET
영어 Franciszek Szych 등록

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