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Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends That Will Change Your Business

Leading Enterprises are Intelligent Enterprises. They compete and win in their respective industries...Read more »

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TDWI Report: Your Checklist for Supercharging Self-Service BI

Get started with these best practices and strategies. According to TDWI research, 71% of organiz...Read more »

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Dresner Research Report: Business Intelligence Moves to the Cloud

Business Intelligence Moves to the Cloud The adoption of cloud BI and analytics is reaching a tippi...Read more »

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Data to Decisions: Business and Technology Trends Enterprises Must Track Through 2024

In order to enable data-driven decision-making, it’s critical for organizations to fully understand...Read more »

Analytics빅데이터데이터 시각화엔터프라이즈 플랫폼페더레이티드 애널리틱스HyperIntelligenceHyperIntelligence for Web
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2018 Global State of Enterprise Analytics

Today, organizations are dead-set on driving digital transformation and becoming Intelligent Enterpr...Read more »

Analytics엔터프라이즈 플랫폼
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An Inflection Point for the Data Driven Enterprise

A new pulse survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals that most enterprise organiz...Read more »

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Self-Service Analytics case study by Constellation Research

Putting data-driven insights in the hands of decision makers is critical. And the foundation of deli...Read more »

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Planning mit MicroStrategy

Die GEMA beauftragte die GABO mbH zur Unterstützung bei der Implementierung einer Planungslösung auf...Read more »

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