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Join the Third Generation of Business Intelligence

Written by Brett Sheppard

You innovate with data. You’ve worked with a variety of data tools over the years. You have followed the evolution of business intelligence (BI) from the 1st generation of static dashboards built by IT departments in the 1990’s to the emergence of a 2nd generation of self-service visual analytics in the 21st century.

Despite these technological advances, many of us continue to spend a significant part of our work week understanding data using spreadsheets and sharing our findings in PowerPoint slides. Many of us continue to struggle with siloed data, inconsistent data quality, and incomplete data governance. BI author rights are often still limited to 3 to 5 percent of employees.

There is a better way. We’re experiencing the start of an exciting third generation of business intelligence powered by generative AI (GenAI).

Unlike earlier AI efforts that required data scientists to understand what is going on, natural language processing “… can make it easier for many individuals to access data and analytics”, notes David Menninger, SVP and Research Director at Ventana Research, now part of ISG.

Ventana Research surveyed data practitioners and found these benefits of elevating analytics with GenAI:

  • Gained competitive advantage (31% of respondents)
  • Improved customer experience (31%)
  • Increased sales (15%)
  • Faster response to opportunities and threats (10%)
  • Reduced errors and mistakes (8%)
  • Lowered costs (5%)

Gen AI is opening a new generation of business intelligence. With MicroStrategy AI + BI, ask questions about your data, see AI-generated dashboard insights, and get help writing SQL queries.


Learn more about this new generation of AI-powered business intelligence by downloading your copy of this insightful Ventana Research report “Elevate Analytics with Generative AI”.

Download your copy of the Ventana Research report "Elevate Analytics with Generative AI".

Brett Sheppard:

His journey with data began as a U.S. military data engineer and Gartner senior analyst. He has authored AI, data architecture and business intelligence publications for Gartner, GigaOM and O’Reilly, and has been quoted by Businessweek, Computerworld, Wired and other media.