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Five Ways to Elevate Analytics with Generative AI

Written by Brett Sheppard

In “Elevate Analytics with Generative AI”, Ventana Research describes five important improvements to how we interact with data through the combination of AI and business intelligence.

1. Ask questions of your data.

Pull quote: "[Natural language processing] opens a new world of possibilities for other aspects of BI tools as well, making it much easier to create visualizations and dashboards."

Asking questions is becoming how many of us at work access and understand data. Large Language Models (LLMs) “... make it much easier to generate plain-language explanations to help individuals understand key aspects of different analyses. [Natural language processing] opens a new world of possibilities for other aspects of BI tools as well, making it much easier to create visualizations and dashboards.”

MicroStrategy AI enables the use of natural language for data queries, dashboard creation, SQL generation, and online system help. Tell MicroStrategy Auto Bot what to do at work for data analytics like how you communicate with your personal electronics at home with Alexa or Siri.

2. Democratize business intelligence to more colleagues.

Pull quote - Generative AI has unlocked new possibilities by making insights available to new people

The combination of Artificial Intelligence + Business Intelligence (AI+BI) is helping MicroStrategy, and our customers realize the vision of Intelligence Everywhere™.

Notes Ventana Research: Generative AI has the potential to make elements of AI much more accessible without requiring dramatic changes in an organization’s skill set.”

Advanced data practitioners also benefit. For instance, it’s now easier to write SQL statements since a “natural language description of what is needed can produce the appropriate SQL to accomplish the task,” notes Ventana Research.

This capability is available today. MicroStrategy AI Auto SQL translates natural language into efficient SQL queries, enables table creation and explains the logic behind SQL statements.

3. Solve governance.

In Ventana Research surveys ... only (just under) one-quarter of organizations (23%) have governance policies in place for AI. Part of the challenge is that separate AI tools require separate governance. As a result of the lack of governance, it is difficult to trust and rely upon the output of AI-based analyses”.

AI + BI governance benefits from a “single-product” analytics platform such as MicroStrategy ONE, with a single integrated codebase built from the ground up for governance and compliance. This supports a more comprehensive capability for governance and compliance as well as leads to more stable code with fewer software bugs.

When it comes to AI, data integrity and security aren’t just checkboxes. They are prerequisites. MicroStrategy AI builds on our decades of BI expertise to offer a platform grounded in trust and compliance. Our industry-leading semantic graph ensures transparent and accurate data modeling, and we protect data privacy and confidentiality by not retaining any user data.

4. Improve productivity.

With this governance in place, AI + BI delivers significant time savings. Notes Ventana Research: “Individuals can simply describe the type of analysis they would like to perform, over which data and how they would like it displayed.”

With MicroStrategy Auto Dashboard, ask a question and watch the dashboard appear on your screen in seconds. Autocomplete identifies relevant objects for queries, similar to how spelling suggestions work in word processing. Auto Dashboard goes further by proactively suggesting predictive forecasting and key driver analysis.

5. Embed data insights through AI bots.

Pull quote: With generative AI, the developer experience and the user experience can be greatly enhanced

AI Bots automate repetitive tasks in business software. Ventana Research explains that With generative AI, the developer experience and the user experience can be greatly enhanced since LLMs can handle a wider variety of prompts with much less effort. As a result, the user is much more likely to have a pleasant experience rather than a frustrating one.”

You can dynamically create AI-powered analytics bots and add them to any application connected to the MicroStrategy platform. This allows you to embed MicroStrategy AI into your existing applications.

Gen AI plus BI is opening a new world of data analytics. To learn more, download your copy today of the Ventana Research report “Elevate Analytics with Generative AI”.

Download your copy of the Ventana Research report "Elevate Analytics with Generative AI".

Brett Sheppard:

His journey with data began as a U.S. military data engineer and Gartner senior analyst. He has authored AI, data architecture and business intelligence publications for Gartner, GigaOM and O’Reilly, and has been quoted by Businessweek, Computerworld, Wired and other media.