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MicroStrategy for RStudio

MicroStrategy for RStudio drastically reduces the time data scientists traditionally spend finding, cleaning, and validating source data. This ensures that data science teams can focus their efforts building meaningful insights from advanced models and calculations without having to worry about the quality of their source data. Join Principal Product Manager Scott Rigney as he walks through how to get started using MicroStrategy for RStudio. This video covers not only deploying the MicroStrategy add-in for RStudio, but also integrating data science findings back into MicroStrategy's semantic layer.



[0:15] Overview of Federated Analytics
[0:39] Federated Analytics for Data Science vs Other Tools
[1:07] Install mstrio in RStudio
[1:27] Access the MicroStrategy Add-in Interface
[1:39] Select and Filter Data for Import
[2:42] View Results in RStudio
[4:16] Export Findings to MicroStrategy
[5:33] Leverage Findings in a Dossier


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Federated Analytics

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