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Critical Capabilities for the Enterprise

Enterprise analytics, enterprise mobility, embedded analytics, cloud, and IoT are the most urgent ar...Read more »

dossiers and dashboardsembedded analyticsテクノロジーAnalyticsビッグデータクラウド組み込みアナリティクスエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Impact Earth

This dossier uses meteorite strike data to show where meteorites land most often. It was the August...Read more »

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CFPB Financial Complaints

This dossier looks at the number of complaints received by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau...Read more »

cfpbcfpb financial complaints政府機関地方自治体財務Analyticsエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Market Basket Analysis

This interactive dossier allows users to perform market basket analysis without using a semantic lay...Read more »

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Corporate Financial Performance Analysis

This dossier was created for a large law firm with the goal of gaining insight into their corporate...Read more »

corporate financialdossierlegal財務エンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Paris Traffic: Real-Time Analysis

This dossier explores near real time information on traffic in Paris City. The data is collected usi...Read more »

geospatialparis traffic政府機関地方自治体輸送及び物流フィールド サービスAnalyticsビッグデータエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Analyzing the NFL Combine

With this dossier, you can dive into football data and identify the best targets on the waiver wire...Read more »

advanced analyticsbig datanflテクノロジーAnalyticsビッグデータエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Earthquake Analysis

This dossier provides geographical analysis into earthquake prone regions, considering the risk fact...Read more »

earthquake analysisgeospatialテクノロジーAnalyticsエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Global Pipeline Analysis

This dossier helps executives and sales leadership better understand opportunity pipeline by product...Read more »

global pipeline製造業とCPG(消費財)営業Analyticsエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Where Should I Live?

This dossier can be used by anyone to better understand the pros and cons of living in major US metr...Read more »

geospatialwhere should i liveホスピタリティAnalytics組み込みアナリティクスエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Pharmaceutical Sales Enablement Analysis

This dossier shows data analysis for a pharmaceutical company in life sciences domain. The analysis...Read more »

enterprise analyticspharmaceutical salesバイオテクノロジーとファーマ営業Analyticsエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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NYC Taxi Rides

This dossier analyzes a large, publicly available dataset stored in Hadoop. The dataset examines ove...Read more »

big data輸送及び物流Analyticsビッグデータエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Company KPIs: An Executive Overview

This dossier can be used by executives to track key performance metrics, sales data, and historical...Read more »

enterprise analyticsfinancial analyticskpi製造業とCPG(消費財)営業Analyticsエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Opioid Epidemic Analysis

Analyze the opioid epidemic with publicly available data. This dossier looks at major trends, includ...Read more »

big dataembedded analyticsopioid epidemic analysisバイオテクノロジーとファーマAnalyticsビッグデータ組み込みアナリティクスエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Hospital Performance by KPIs

This healthcare dossier highlights an array of product features including KPI widgets, heat maps, bu...Read more »

hospital performancemappingヘルスケア顧客サポートエグゼクティブAnalytics
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Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

This dossier shows a variety of machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities available to da...Read more »

advanced analyticsmachine learningテクノロジーAnalyticsビッグデータ
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Store Performance Analytics

This dossier provides a store manager with access to the critical information they need to effective...Read more »

enterprise analyticstore performance analytics小売エグゼクティブ営業Analyticsエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Custom Visualization Samples

This dossier highlights custom visualizations that can be easily brought into MicroStrategy. It has...Read more »

data discoverydossiers and dashboardsmappingvisualizationテクノロジーAnalytics
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Analytics with Geospatial Services

Explore MicroStrategy's native integration with Mapbox through a variety of intuitive geospatial vis...Read more »

geospatialgeospatial datahot mapsmap datamapping dataテクノロジーAnalytics組み込みアナリティクスマッピング
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Sales Performance and Pipeline Analysis Demo

This dossier provides sales reps with easy access to critical sales data and analytics. Using appeal...Read more »

financial analyticspipeline analysisテクノロジー営業Analyticsエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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Finance Department Data

This dossier can provide a finance executive with secure access to role-based information critical t...Read more »

finance departmentfinancial analytics財務Analytics組み込みアナリティクスエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント
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MicroStrategy Quarterly Financial Performance

This interactive dossier includes MicroStrategy’s quarterly financial results. Use it to analyze cur...Read more »

financial analyticsfinancial performancequarterly財務Analytics組み込みアナリティクスエンタープライズモビリティマネジメント

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