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Protect Your Data with SAML Authentication

Enhance your data security with modern, platform-independent techniques like SAML authentication 

 According to Ventana, more than three-quarters of CDOs identify their top priority as governing the reliability, privacy, and security of their organization’s data—for good reason as cybersecurity risks are more prevalent and dangerous than ever. 

 “Organizations still relying on legacy authentication methods should explore alternatives such as SAML or OIDC to improve data security and more effectively govern authentication across their data infrastructure.”
- Ventana Research, 2023 

In today’s landscape, most organizations operate multi-cloud or hybrid environments. To combat risks, CDOs and CISOs must employ modern techniques authorization and authentication techniques to meet best-in-class compliance standards across multiple platforms, systems, and deployments.  

When it comes to authentication, many organizations have embraced platform-independent methods like SAML and OIDC for greater flexibility, standardization, and ease of use. These methods also reduce the risks of data breaches and other security threats. Explore this Ventana Research report to learn:  

  • The drawbacks and risks associated with continued use of legacy authentication methods designed for on-premises computing, like Windows Active Directory 

  • How a modern, platform-independent approach using SAML or OIDC authentication provides better user experience and stronger security protections for many organizations 

  • Why you should prioritize SaaS solutions with a built-in best practice security posture—like FedRAMP authorization for the U.S. federal government—as you modernize your IT portfolio and harden your cybersecurity posture 


Achieve unparalleled data security—and mission success 

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