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Trusted Data for Excel, BI Tools, and Data Science Tools

Federated Analytics from MicroStrategy provides the ability for customers to use any consumption tool they like by accessing trusted data through the MicroStrategy Semantic Graph. Whether it's MicroStrategy Dossiers, another BI tool like Qlik, Power BI, Tableau, or with an Excel spreadsheet, users can choose their preferred tool and use it with confidence because the data is trusted and secure being governed and managed by the underlying MicroStrategy Semantic Graph. An extensive set of APIs allows customers to embed MicroStrategy objects and data in their own custom applications as well as leverage Machine Learning tools to provide augmented analysis and result sets back to MicroStrategy. Chief Product Officer, Saurabh Abhyankar explains how this all comes together in this 6.5 minute video.


[00:02] Intro
[00:24] The MicroStrategy Semantic Graph
[01:28] Connectors to Over 200 Data Sources
[01:52] Office Products
[02:42] Other BI Tools
[04:02] Data Science Tools
[05:28] Custom Applications with API's
[06:18] Closing and Call to Action

Federated Analytics

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Trusted Data for Excel, BI Tools, and Data Science Tools

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