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Master the Art of Customer Experience with Omnichannel Analytics

Build and deploy a comprehensive application for store managers in just 30 days.


Delivering a personalized experience that combines in-store and online operations into a unified customer relationship drives sales and super-charges growth.

Thousands of retailers around the world are using MicroStrategy to deliver comprehensive analytics applications that embrace and maximize the value of omnichannel customer relationships.

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

*According to the superoffice.com
customer experience statistics

Get a 360° view of your retail business

Experience what a one-stop mobile analytics app can do for store managers. Spend more time on the sales floor. Get automated stockout alerts. Deliver better, omnichannel customer experiences.

The world’s most successful organizations are increasing their revenue by achieving excellence in customer experience through the lens of data.

“Having MicroStrategy as our sole analytics engine of record is a game-changer. At this scale, retail is an incredibly complex business comprised of dozens of overlapping functions, systems, and processes—and sometimes even more technologies.

MicroStrategy enables us to provide all colleagues and management with consistent intelligence which they can act upon. Essentially, we saved our Sainsbury’s store colleagues tens of thousands of labour hours per year with one app alone, by giving them on-the-go access to near real-time insights that help them take action.” 

Steven Henson-Tyers
Head of Data Visualisation

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Inventory Management

Be proactive and avoid costly stockout situations—enhance customer experience and ultimately drive higher conversion rates and profitability. Easily track the large number of UPCs (Unique Product Code) and SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit).


Customer Satisfaction

Measure customer satisfaction and time your staff spends with the customer—and track the correlation to revenue.


Workforce Management

Manage scheduling based on hour-by-hour customer activity and historical trending. 

With MicroStrategy, you can bridge the gap between online and in-person customer experience and deliver a comprehensive view of performance and operations to every employee.

Why MicroStrategy

#1 in Enterprise Analytics

MicroStrategy is ranked #1 in enterprise analytics by Gartner, as a result of its unique ability manage terabytes of data and thousands of concurrent users with scale and security. 

Easy Application Development

Low-code / no-code technologies make it simple for developers to build compelling, impactful applications designed for users from the executive suite to the store floor, all on a single version of the truth.

Open Technology

MicroStrategy’s cloud-native architecture and massive library of gateways and connectors places the highest premium on flexibility agility while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership.

Ready to elevate the customer experience and drive transformational growth?

Blending revenue, labor, and customer experience metrics helps retailers to better understand business trends, make better decisions, and contribute to revenue growth. 

Our experts can show you how you can implement a data-driven approach to store operations in just 30 days.