Analytics Architect: Planning, Standardizing, and Implementing

In this course, you revisit foundation project architecture and design topics from the Analytics Architect role in an Intelligent Enterprise. The course focuses on key competencies to help you succeed as an Analytics Architect and support your Intelligent Enterprise to produce a best-in-class analytics solution based on enterprise-level best practices.

Skills you gain

  • Establish enterprise standards and project documentation
  • Implement a project update tracking system
  • Guide requirements gathering and data exploration
  • Standardize the dimensional modeling process
  • Create guidelines for schema object development
  • Establish dataset creation standards
  • Develop dataset monitoring and troubleshooting protocols
  • Institute dataset performance optimization practices

MicroStrategy products covered

  • MicroStrategy Developer and Web
  • MicroStrategy Workstation
  • MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager
  • MicroStrategy Integrity Manager


  • The Analytics Architect role
  • Share knowledge with the enterprise
  • Standardize requirements gathering
  • Guide the enterprise dimensional modeling process
  • Direct schema object development
  • Standardize dataset authoring
  • Establish monitoring and troubleshooting guidelines
  • Define performance optimization protocols

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