Intelligence Center Certification

Analytics Architect Certification

In this course, you revisit foundation project architecture and design topics from the Analytics Architect role in an Intelligent Enterprise. The course focuses on key competencies to help you succeed as an Analytics Architect and support your Intell...

Intelligence Center Certification

Mobile Architect Certification

In this course, you revisit foundation mobility topics from a holistic approach of the Mobile Architect in an Intelligent Enterprise. The course focuses on the key competencies to help you succeed as a Mobile Architect and support your Intelligent En...


MicroStrategy Certified Specialist Analyst (MCSA) Certification

Validate your core skills across MicroStrategy’s reporting products, to design and create reports, visual interactive dossiers, boardroom documents, and mobile apps. Demonstrate your knowledge of fundamental MicroStrategy reporting concepts.If you wa...


MicroStrategy Certified Master Analyst (MCMA) Certification

Certify your expertise in designing and creating MicroStrategy’s business intelligence analytics applications. Demonstrate your comprehensive skills across project design and object creation, through to advanced reporting, documents, mobile applicati...


MicroStrategy Certified Specialist Developer (MCSD) Certification

Demonstrate your skills in fundamental customization scenarios, implementing common branding and logo changes using MicroStrategy’s SDK tools. Certify your ability to set up MicroStrategy reports within common portal technologies, and customize basic...


MicroStrategy Certified Specialist Administrator (MCSAD) Certification

Certifies your knowledge in foundational administration management of a MicroStrategy environment, using the appropriate tools to manage typical BI and mobile deployments and user authentication, system and object maintenance, and basic Big Data setu...


MicroStrategy Certified Master Administrator (MCMAD) Certification

Validate advanced knowledge to perform enterprise system tuning, work with MicroStrategy Cloud configurations, and run Big Data implementations. Demonstrate your expertise to manage and administer complex business intelligence implementations.If you...


MicroStrategy Certified Master Developer (MCMD) Certification

Show your expertise in customizing MicroStrategy Web and Mobile with your organization’s complex branding requirements and implementing custom data visualizations. Demonstrate your skills setting up and running a single‐sign-on implementation with Mi...

Formazione individuale

Inizia subito la tua formazione MicroStrategy o richiedi una nuova certificazione.

Formazione per grandi team

Ricevi una formazione personalizzata per tutto il tuo team o reparto.