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How To Migrate Your Legacy Analytics System To A Modern Platform with Ease and Confidence

As legacy applications become increasingly cumbersome and costly, migrating to a modern analytics system is more important than ever. Although the migration process is often daunting and seems complicated, organizations need to take advantage of modern analytics in order to remain leaders in their industry. To address these challenges, Datastrong and MicroStrategy offer a simple solution. Watch this video to learn more about:

  • Datastrong’s four-step process of importing legacy report definitions, reviewing the environment for possible optimizations, exporting the new reports to MicroStrategy, and testing the output for data consistency between old and new systems
  • MicroStrategy’s easy-to-use, self-service Dossier interface
  • How migrating your legacy system to MicroStrategy will allow you to take advantage of breakthrough analytics technology

Interested in a demo or a pilot to retire your legacy system? Contact Ryan Delone at



[00:19] - Challenges That Legacy Systems Pose

[00:45] - Datastrong and MicroStrategy Solution Overview

[01:20] - Current Legacy System Overview

[01:50] - Tool Translator Overview

[02:03] - Import Step of Tool Translator

[02:33] - Optimize Step of Tool Translator

[02:53] - Export Step of Tool Translator

[03:27] - Leveraging MicroStrategy to Build Beautiful Dashboards in Just Four Minutes

[04:36] - See the Art of the Possible with Free-Form Canvas and HyperIntelligence


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