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Overview of MicroStrategy Cloud for Azure

Senior Product Manager Andrew Mears shares how you can rapidly deploy new environments and applications seamlessly, streamline the migration of your on-premises environments to the cloud, optimize your application designs to take advantage of inherent efficiencies, and much more with MicroStrategy Cloud for Azure.
The optimized MicroStrategy Cloud for Azure architecture leverages 40+ native Azure Cloud Services to provide a suite of tools and automation capabilities that make it easier than ever to deploy, administer, and upgrade your environments—maximizing performance, scalability, security, stability, and ease of use.


[00:11] Intro to MicroStrategy Cloud for Azure
[00:53] Optimized Architecture using Azure Cloud Native Services
[01:40] Deployment Flexibility, Elasticity, and Scalability within Azure
[02:26] Conclusion


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Overview of MicroStrategy Cloud for Azure

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