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3 Ways to Transform Your Business with Mobility

MicroStrategy can help mobilize your enterprise by deploying insight and action to everyone, everywhere. Deliver mobile analytics, custom apps, and HyperIntelligence® to your enterprise and transform workflows across every area of your business. Watch this introductory video to learn about: 

  • Enterprise mobility and why it’s increasingly relevant for every industry and function
  • How you can deliver real-time insights to more people with mobile analytics
  • Driving adoption through branded productivity apps with transactional workflows
  • Making everyone 100X smarter and faster with HyperIntelligence for Mobile
  • Real-world examples on how leading enterprises use MicroStrategy Mobile to realize significant ROI 

[2:36] Overview of 3 transformative mobile apps
[3:54] Mobile Analytics
[5:44] Mobile Analytics Product demo
[12:14] Custom Apps
[14:42] Custom Apps Product demo
[21:00] HyperIntelligence for Mobile
[24:49] Real-world success stories

Mobile Intelligence

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