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Reimagine productivity with contextual and actionable analytics.


Integrate data analytics into workflows effortlessly 

Go beyond traditional reporting to meet users who might not typically work with analytics content on a daily basis. HyperIntelligence, fueled by powerful data models, identifies keywords in top web applications or native email clients to surface cards of contextual analytics relevant to the current workflow. Instead of bouncing back and forth between applications, HyperIntelligence follows users throughout their day to provide nuggets of intelligence wherever they work.

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HyperIntelligence + Auto: A game changer

Experience the power of AI-driven insights at your fingertips. With the integration of Auto, our Generative AI-powered capabilities, directly into HyperIntelligence, you can now ask any questions in natural language directly within a Hyper card and receive instant responses. This AI+BI powerhouse is designed to empower frontline workers by providing easy access to trusted information from any data set in any application.  

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Make power moves with embedded actions

Augment the user experience by surfacing data insights and infusing proposed actions at critical points in time. Leverage embedded actions to provide elevated interactivity. Add the ability to view a report, send a message on Slack and Teams, or review more in third-party apps while maintaining the same context.

Meet the Hyper product suite

Infuse intelligence everywhere



Embed intelligence into Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers via browser extensions. Select specific websites to enable or disable. 



View contextual analytics in native Outlook. With this add-in, we surface Hyper cards based on keywords in the email body, subject lines, and names.  



Search for Hyper cards and insights on mobile devices. Or receive notifications with cards relevant to upcoming meetings. Available for iOS and Android.



For those that don’t want to use the web extension. Add HyperIntelligence into your native website or application. Limit card viewing to specific pages.

Video thumbnail - Building Your First HyperIntelligence Card

Design and deploy Hyper cards in minutes

With the intuitive card editor and flexible data layouts, it’s astonishingly simple. During card design, select from different widgets, matrix views, and card header formats to best display data. Color thresholds enable users to gain insight into a specific metric at a glance. Or add images and footnotes to highlight even the small details.

Customize your Hyper experience 

Make it your own. Brand the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge extensions for organizational use. Update logos, fonts, languages, and descriptions. Or leverage the HyperSDK to white-label and embed Hyper natively into your own application with a few lines of code. Personalization of the experience increases app stickiness and overall analytics adoption.


FAQ on Hyper

Where do I build and deploy Hyper cards? 

Design and deploy HyperIntelligence cards in MicroStrategy Workstation. Start with a dataset and then use the Card Editor. Drag and drop attributes and metrics to start building the card. Save and certify the card for users with access to the environment. 

What top use cases have you seen for HyperIntelligence across industries? 

We’ve seen a wide range of use cases for the Hyper technology. Many times, organizations use cards to provide product information to users searching their website (inventory and stock updates) or to view account statuses internally (health checks).

What systems can I connect to in order to build Hyper cards?

Similar to Dossier design, HyperIntelligence supports 200+ data connectors. Mix and match data sources to provide the most cohesive display of insights for users. Select from relational databases, cloud-based data warehouses, and more

What existing applications can I deploy HyperIntelligence on top of?

HyperIntelligence can be deployed on top of: 1) existing web-based portals and pages on Chrome or Edge, 2) email clients such as Outlook and Gmail, 3) CRM systems like Salesforce, or 4) productivity tools including Microsoft Teams or Slack.

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