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Comment créer une carte HyperIntelligence

Getting started with HyperIntelligence is quick and easy. By leveraging pre-built templates, interchangeable widgets, and an intuitive, drag-and-drop card editor, anyone can build powerful cards in just a few minutes. Join MicroStrategy EVP of Marketing Saurabh Abhyankar as he walks through the end-to-end process of building a card in MicroStrategy Workstation. Watch this video to learn about:

  • Building cards using drag-and-drop workflows in MicroStrategy Workstation
  • Mixing and matching templates, header styles, and widgets to build a card that matches your unique business use case
  • Controlling fine-grain formatting options like header color, text size, and number formatting

[0:07] Requirements
[0:39] How to Build a Card
[1:07] Introducing MicroStrategy Workstation
[1:47] Card Templates
[2:11] Defining a Card Topic
[2:45] Alternative Keyword Matching
[3:13] Creating Dynamic Links
[3:59] Filling Out the Card Body
[4:41] Card Formatting
[5:18] Using the Card Footer
[6:19] Deploying a Card


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