2022.009 Sharing Dossiers Everywhere: Library on your Devices

  • durée: 2 heures
  • Passes Formation: Pass Architecte, Pass Analyste

Use the MicroStrategy app and Library Mobile, to access your Library content anytime, anywhere. Set up and personalize your Library across devices. Add another layer of analysis by enabling HyperIntelligence cards on the MicroStrategy app.

Products Covered

  • MicroStrategy Library
  • MicroStrategy Library Mobile
  • MicroStrategy App
  • HyperIntelligence

Skills Gained

  • Use Library Mobile and the MicroStrategy App to analyze dossiers
  • Manage and personalize your Library
  • Enable HyperIntelligence cards to view additional information

Topics Covered

  • Library across devices 5:00
  • Analysis on-the-go: Library Mobile 5:00
  • Library on your desktop: The MicroStrategy App 10:00
  • Add another layer of information with HyperIntelligence cards 10:00

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