Intelligence Director On-Demand (ICD) Certification

  • Passes Formation: Pass Architecte

Time: 8 hours To begin the certification: - Click Enroll, a new window opens to confirm that you want to launch a new attempt. - Click Launch, then enter your name to confirm you’re ready to begin the exam. - Click Exit. You are redirected to the certification portal. Once in the portal, confirm your email and the exam you’d like to take. - Download your course files and re-confirm you're ready to start your exam. - Please allow up to 30 minutes for your environment to be provisioned. The exam clock starts ticking when you receive the AWS email letting you know that environment is ready. - Once you finish the certification project, exit the environment; no further actions are required. You will receive an email indicating if you passed within two weeks. Please be advised that there is a 30-day lockout period for this certification. If you fail the exam and attempt to enroll again before that period is over, you will not be able to launch the certification enrollment steps. If you encountered any technical issues, email us at This certification certifies your knowledge in running intelligence programs to support and maintain departmental and enterprise analytics applications while supervising the Intelligence Center to support a successful Intelligent Enterprise.

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