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Get Started with MicroStrategy

Whether you're just getting started or seeking to expand your analytics toolkit, MicroStrategy Auto Express offers an easy and insightful way to engage with MicroStrategy AI.​​

Build Your AI-Powered Bots 

  1. Click + and choose Bot.
  2. Upload or select your data.
  3. Simplify your bot by removing attributes or metrics.
  4. Customize your bot by giving it a name and selecting an image.
  5. Save your bot!
MicroStrategy Video
MicroStrategy Video

Customize Your Bot 

  1. Edit your AI bot by clicking the pencil icon.

  2. Add a welcome message.

    • Specify topic and question suggestions.

    • Add links to your bot to offer more in-depth information.

    • Give users extra details about how their question was interpreted.

    • Provide information about the dataset to understand what questions to ask. 

  3. Use the Customizations panel to provide custom instructions to make your bot smarter. You can:

    • Define metrics or add detail. 

    • Adjust the bot’s language, tone, and output format. 

    • Add a file containing business knowledge to help your bot interpret questions better. 

Create Your First Dashboard 

  1. Click Create New and select Dashboard

  2. Upload or select your data. 

  3. Use Auto Dashboard to create a page or visualization. You can click a pre-generated suggestion or type your own query. 

  4. Manually create a visualization by clicking the Visualization icon and selecting a type.  

  5. Drag and drop to place the visualization where you’d like. 

  6. Add attributes and metrics by double-clicking or dragging them to the visualization.

  7. Format your visualization. Use the Format panel to customize the appearance and layout of your objects.

  8. Save your dashboard.  

MicroStrategy Video

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Build vital skills and fast-track your AI journey.

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