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Preventing Improper Unemployment Payments with HyperIntelligence

Improper payments have always been a major challenge to the US federal government. In 2019 alone, the government issued $175 billion in improper payments through various agencies. As elected officials continue to pass stimulus bills like the CARES Act to mitigate the economic effects of COVID-19, it’s imperative to understand where improper payments come from and how to prevent them.

Using MicroStrategy’s leading analytics platform, individuals at all levels can look at data surrounding their agency’s improper payment patterns. MicroStrategy’s predictive analytics allows users to build models to perform what-if analyses and understand how different scenarios will impact the amount of future improper payments, all while leveraging MicroStrategy’s enterprise-grade platform with trusted data governance.

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Watch this video to learn how MicroStrategy can help your agency prevent future improper payments by:

  • Using filtering options to go from a high-level overview to granular information
  • Leveraging advanced analytics to draw insights
  • Connecting to various data sources to find potentially fraudulent beneficiaries
  • All while interactive with beautiful visualizations in an easy-to-use-interface


[00:15] How MicroStrategy Can Help the Government Prevent Improper Payments
[00:50] Dossier – High-Level Overview of Improper Payments Across the Government
[01:45] Drilling Into A Program To See Its Specific Issues
[03:22] Leveraging MicroStrategy’s Predictive Analytics
[04:15] Using Insights to Take Action

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