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MicroStrategy Cloud

Acelere las aplicaciones de análisis a gran escala con un poder ilimitado en la nube

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Cloud-native applications are future-proof, AI-ready, and an innovation baseline
  • Fully managed by cloud providers
  • Leverage microservices and containers for faster development
  • High fault tolerance
  • Simplified app deployment and continuous agile delivery (CICD)
  • Seamless bug fixes and upgrades with flexibility and no impact to users
  • Easily scale up or down on-demand with access to additional resources
Traditional applications are conservative, lagging, and resource-intensive
  • Your responsibility
  • Monolithic architecture that may slow things down and raise costs
  • Low fault tolerance with susceptibility to all-out failures
  • Manual configuration with waterfall development, planning cycles
  • Potential for sporadic outages and maintenance interruptions
  • Manually operated, more expensive, limited scalability

The best way to deliver trusted analytics at scale

Aprovecha la flexibilidad total de la nube

Evita la dependencia de un solo proveedor. Y elige el modelo de nube que mejor se adapte a ti. Implementa análisis con el apoyo de los principales proveedores de hiperescalado, como Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure o Google Cloud. Esto te permite centrarte en la creación de soluciones de aplicaciones innovadoras mientras te beneficias de una implementación y escalabilidad sin esfuerzo.


Simplify app releases and operations 

Realize the full benefits of analytics without the complexity of infrastructure management with our fully managed service. Upgrade to the latest features and security enhancements with just a click. Rest easy knowing our top-notch SLAs guarantee high application availability, backed by 24/7 monitoring and alerts.

Maintain unparalleled data security 

At the core of operations, rigorous security practices ensure the highest security throughout the development cycle. Cloud environments always operate on the most secure version, which adheres to ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other leading security standards.


Explore cloud-native capabilities

Out with the old. Move to the new.



Deploy applications across 36 regions with a multi-cloud environment on AWS, Azure, or Google. Take your pick.


Microservices Architecture

Parallelize workloads across machines for optimal app availability, performance, and scalability. All with containers.


Robust Security

Deliver a robust security posture, trusted globally by the world’s biggest organizations. FedRAMP certified.


Proactive Monitoring

Gain access to 24/7/365 cloud support. Continuous monitoring, assessment, and remediation from our experts.


Backup and Restore

Seamlessly migrate environments into AWS or Azure. Or leverage the backup and restore options during disaster recovery. 


Easy Upgrade

It’s now easier than ever to access the latest in product innovation. We upgrade cloud environments using a single click.

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