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Create Extraordinary Experiences to Exceed Next-Gen Customer Expectations

Discover how deep domain expertise across industries, AI-powered innovation, and cloud-native technologies helped NICE deliver CXone—the world’s leading cloud CX platform.

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Learn how NICE delivers effortless, consistent, and personalized digital-first experiences that build brand loyalty and create unbreakable bonds with CXone. 

CXone is an AI-powered cloud solution that manages end-to-end customer experience interactions between organizations and their valued consumers worldwide.  

Over 25,000 organizations in 150+ countries leverage CXone to manage and optimize how they interact with their consumers, from organic search on web or mobile to the AI-assisted contact center agent. 

NICE executed a fast-to-market strategy underpinned with rapid innovation and smart partnerships to prioritize innovation while ensuring that its solution suite could seamlessly scale to serve users across the globe. Citing a shared commitment to velocity, openness, and collaboration, NICE opted to enrich CXone with sophisticated data and analytics visualizations powered by MicroStrategy. 

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Data and analytics in action

Explore how NICE partnered with MicroStrategy to provide the most sophisticated and advanced data and analytics visualization available in the market—helping solidify their leadership position in cloud CX and earning our Innovation Award for 2022.

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NICE: AI-Powered Data and Analytics Innovation Create Leading Solutions that Make Customer Experiences Flow 

Learn how partnering with MicroStrategy to deliver best-in-class data and analytics visualizations at scale helps NICE lead the market for cloud CX solutions—helping 25,000+ organizations in 150+ countries deliver extraordinary customer experiences. Discover how the MicroStrategy Cloud enables application agility, fast development, streamlined integration, and rapid deployment to ensure CXone customers have the “out of this world” data visualizations they need to enhance value for customers and consumers worldwide.

Video thumbnail - NICE: Partner for Speed, Agility, and Top Data Visualization
World 2022 Keynote: Partnering for Speed, Agility, and Dynamic Data & Analytics Visualization Helps NICE Lead the Next-Gen CX Space 

Explore how NICE combines vast domain expertise with sophisticated AI and cloud technologies to help global organizations remove the friction between companies and consumers. Discover why leading brands in financial services, healthcare, retail, travel, and more use CXone to optimize experiences and build brand loyalty. Plus, learn why an eye for innovation and shared commitment to customer success led NICE to partner with MicroStrategy to deliver personalized data and analytics visualization at scale.

Video thumbnail - How NICE CXone Leverages Embedded Analytics
Webinar: How NICE CXone Leverages Embedded Analytics to Deliver Optimized Solutions for Outstanding Customer Experience

Discover NICE CXone—the leading cloud-powered solution for optimized end-to-end customer experiences. Chief Architect Naama Damty and Product Lead Daniel Billauer share how thoughtful design and strong partnerships resulted in their suite of AI-powered apps for dozens of customer service personas. Plus, learn how its fully containerized MicroStrategy Cloud deployment for embedded analytics helped make NICE CXone the highest-rated suite of cloud contact center applications on the market.

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