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The ultimate analytics powerhouse


Centralized hub for app design and deployment

Workstation is the only space for analysts and app architects to build and manage content of all types. Dossiers. Reports. Cards. Advanced Apps. Design workflows, create content groups, or customize application components with the no-code framework. View changes and push updates to end users in seconds.

Work smarter with AI-infused features for creation.

Build the data foundation for all content

With intuitive interfaces, leverage drag and drop functionality to create facts, attributes, and metrics. Continue to shape the semantic graph by creating data relationships, and build a schema layer that provides reusable data objects across the content ecosystem. Or track data lineage for absolute trust and accuracy.


Unlock advanced self-service data preparation

Generate centralized datasets that can be published to users. Blend data from multiple sources to bridge the gap between data silos. Cleanse the data to remove duplicates, identify inconsistencies, and validate quality. Transform datasets into specific formats or apply data security measures including row-level security filters.

Streamline environment management in one place

Seamlessly create and manage multiple dynamic environments of any size across various locations. AWS. Azure. Google. Bare Metal. Keep everything up and running. Optimize productivity with robust failover support or migrate objects between environments for effortless transitions from development to testing.


Manage and Monitor

The command center for maximum analytics control


Manage Users and Groups

Maintain credentials. Add specific privileges, project access, or security filters for users and user groups. Select preferred internationalization options.


Configure Security

Lock down objects across the environment. Any object, including projects, individual content, and datasets may have access controls.


Optimize Performance

From the monitoring hub, check in on all nodes. Gain insight into services, jobs running, and quick search indices for seamless operations.


Track Content Usage

Assess user interactions with content. Understand which pages are being used or overall app performance and then update content based on data.


Deliver content that makes an inbox impression

Configure analytics content to be delivered via emails, file and FTP servers, or mobile devices. Distribute multiple pieces of content to user groups with bursting and dynamic address lists. Manage subscriptions with advanced scheduling controls. And customize email layouts using dynamic values for text.

Automate even the most complex operations

Leverage powerful Python modules and REST API integration to revolutionize processes. The gallery section of the Python Editor equips users with a range of code snippets to boost efficiency. From automating schema management and monitoring environments to generating metrics, speed up critical tasks and reduce costs with more agile operations.


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