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Delivering AI for Analytics Everywhere 

MicroStrategy remains at the forefront of AI capabilities,
continuing its commitment to innovation.
The latest release brings game-changing advancements for MicroStrategy’s existing
users and those who are looking to implement AI for analytics with ease and speed. 

Whats New - GIF - MicroStrategy Autobot

MicroStrategy AUTO Bot 

MicroStrategy AUTO Bot is a new way to deploy MicroStrategy AUTO Answers anywhere you need to empower users with data. Builders can customize each bot with a unique name, appearance, data, and personality – you can even make your bots answer questions like Yoda! Even better, bots can be deployed as a stand-alone app, in the library, or embedded into any third-party application.

Next Generation Architecture on Google Cloud 

Our Next Generation Cloud Native architecture is now available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Deployed as a fully cloud-native architecture, MicroStrategy ONE takes full advantage of the most advanced cloud technology to drive efficiency and enhance security.

MicroStrategy is available on all three major cloud providers – AWS, Azure, and GCP, It gives MicroStrategy customers complete freedom to support their cloud strategy today and in the future.

Whats New Next Generation Architecture on Google Cloud
Whats New - GIF - MicroStrategy for Microsoft Teams

MicroStrategy for Microsoft Teams

Business users are now able to quickly pin and view MicroStrategy dashboards from directly within a Team's channel. Stay on track and quickly answer questions as your team collaborates. Where enabled, pinned dashboards also include AUTO Answers!  So, now Auto can be a part of the team too! 

Want to explore all of the new features?

See the entire list of incredible features that we’ve released for the AI/BI platform in this update.

Dashboard Parameters

Dashboard Parameters allow the dashboard user to adjust certain values so that the analytics can be dynamically updated. Possibilities are endless with Dashboard Parameters. Experiment with “what-if” scenarios, compare time periods, and explore numerous data variables – all within a single view.  

Conditional Display 

Conditional Display empowers builders to customize the display based on the individual user, access levels, and data. It enhances the visual storytelling aspect of dashboards by incorporating visual cues in dashboards like shapes and images.  

Cluster Administration 

Enhanced cluster management that makes it easier to add and remove servers from clusters in a self-managed MicroStrategy deployment, as well as to load and unload projects from a server to load balance traffic between nodes. System administrators can now manage and balance projects like it’s a breeze.

AUTO Dashboard Enhancement – Single Visualization Creation and Editing 

This enhancement to AUTO Dashboard enables business analysts to create not only whole dashboards but also to leverage AUTO to experiment with individual visualizations.  

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