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Delivering AI Powered Analytics Everywhere 

With over 30 years of leading innovations in business intelligence, MicroStrategy drives pervasive analytics at scale for thousands of the world’s largest and most well-known brands.

First to market in September 2023, MicroStrategy introduced AI capabilities to empower users of any skill level. For data experts, MicroStrategy AI delivers Auto SQL to expedite data modeling. For business analysts, Auto Dashboard expedites the generation of new analytic content. And for content consumers, MicroStrategy AI provides Auto Answers and the stand-alone Auto Bot which makes it easy for any user – regardless of analytic skill level - to interact with data using natural language. 

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MicroStrategy Auto Bot 

MicroStrategy Auto Bot is a new way to deploy MicroStrategy Auto Answers anywhere you need to empower users with data. Builders can customize each bot with a unique name, appearance, data, and personality – you can even make your bots answer questions like Yoda! Even better, bots can be deployed as a stand-alone app, in the library, or embedded into any third-party application.

MicroStrategy Auto Bot provides a list of data contents and suggested topics for quick engagement, along with sample questions for natural language interaction. Additionally, features like Explainability offer details on how questions were interpreted, and the ability to import business files with additional data context enhances transparency, trust, and accuracy, making bots smarter and more tailored to business needs.  


Next Generation Architecture on Google Cloud 

Our Next Generation Cloud Native architecture is now available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Deployed as a fully cloud-native architecture, MicroStrategy ONE takes full advantage of the most advanced cloud technology to drive efficiency and enhance security.

MicroStrategy is available on all three major cloud providers – AWS, Azure, and GCP,  It gives MicroStrategy customers complete freedom to support their cloud strategy today and in the future.

Whats New Next Generation Architecture on Google Cloud

Developed based on feedback from early adopters, our latest product release introduces groundbreaking advancements in AI capabilities. It simplifies interaction with bots, enhances transparency, and fosters trust in AI. Now, these capabilities are even more accessible to everyone, with the standalone Auto Bot available on mobile and via API.


AI Capabilities Available in MCG

MicroStrategy AI Available in MCG (MicroStrategy Cloud for Government): We're enhancing our Cloud for Government offering by providing AI capabilities to FedRAMP-authorized customers, enabling deeper insights, improved decision-making, and enhanced operational efficiency. Additionally, our FedRAMP audit completion ensures that our cloud service meets the security standards mandated by the U.S. federal government, allowing it to store and process sensitive government data securely.

Chat, play, visualize. Bring your data story to life.

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