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Enhance data discovery with conversational AI


Discover the place for prime productivity

Library applications provide business users with an intuitive analytics portal of trusted content. Interact with the AI chatbot to get answers and data summaries from a single dashboard or report, faster. Designed to integrate with leading large language models (LLMs), AI chat revolutionizes how you work with data.


Select the layout of the data experience.
Mix and match app capabilities.
Integrate AI for every single user.

Work smarter with AI-infused features for creation.

Build content faster with Auto Dashboard

Discover AI-powered design and deployment. Seamlessly switch from View Mode to Edit Mode to access Auto Dashboard. Leveraging conversational AI, users can update existing content or create new content with simple business language. Ask questions to create self-service data visualizations, team dashboards, or full applications faster.

Move everyone to a data driven mindset

Expand data access and scale efficiency with the integration of AI into BI workflows. Library apps allow every user to be an analyst with the simplicity of AI chat. Ask conversational business questions and get answers without technical proficiency or data knowledge. Spend less time on analysis and research, and more time innovating, based on findings.


Features of Library

AI and Insights. To enhance overall focus.



Set and track KPIs across content. The machine-learning model evaluates historical and incoming data for trends or anomalies to provide proactive data alerts.


Content Organization

Built for more governance and version control. Administrators can send locked content groups to specific users. Or end users can create personalized groups.



Subscribe to specific data views at any time. Define the subscription recipients and format, including Excel or PDF. Receive scheduled content right in your inbox.



Users can save specific data views and share them for reference later. When updating shared bookmarks, recipients automatically view the changes, similar to a subscription.

Design AI-powered applications with Library

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