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Interactive Dashboards

Design and deploy analytics apps at the speed of AI


Amplify productivity with AI

Auto Dashboard allows users to enter an entirely new world of free-form design - automatically. With expanded data preparation capabilities and our most advanced analytics functionality to date, users can interact with AI chatbots to build visualizations, reports, or entire applications. Continue conversation with the chatbot to add in transactional grids, information windows, and what-if analysis options. 

Get creative with visualization types

Auto Dashboard builds with intention based on the questions you ask and the datasets it has to work with. It might select simple KPI visualizations to easily showcase key metrics. Sankey charts to display data workflows and connections at a glance. Microcharts to show progress towards goals. Transactional grids for enhanced user interaction. Or add in-canvas linking or cross-page navigation for epic data storytelling. It knows exactly what to do.


Fan favorites of app design

The features you need to know about free-form canvas


Responsive Design

Fully responsive across all devices. This means you can build once, deploy everywhere. Authors can even hide specific elements from mobile view.


Groups and Layers

Grouping of specific elements and layering enhance creativity. Design compound visualizations or add rich text boxes and images. Save designs as templates.


Panel Stacks

Panel Stacks, in addition to Information Windows, save real estate on the canvas. The stacks showcase different data views in the same canvas area with intuitive selectors.


Vertical Scrolling

Use this option to expand the canvas to specific dimensions. This is helpful when designing a dashboard as an infographic or to be embedded in a web page.


Accelerate analysis with AI-powered apps

Embedded directly in apps, end users have access to their very own AI assistant. Using natural language, ask questions about the dashboard or underlying data itself without the need to navigate complex interfaces or navigation manually. Ask for data points, data summaries ready for presentation, or even update the current view by tasking the chat to make updates. Extract deeper insights to optimize decision-making.

Work smarter with AI-infused features for creation.

What Auto Dashboard can build for you

From the data details. To the big picture.


Data Visualizations

For self-service or at scale. Easily slice and dice the data to discover new insights. Select from Line, Area, Waterfall, KPIs, geospatial maps, and more. Or import custom visualizations.


Business Reports

Leverage grids and specific formatting options for optimized display. Add row-level security for individual users. Save and schedule reports.


Advanced Apps

Think outside the box. A dashboard can now be used as the homepage of an application. Integrate features such as Panel Stacks or Information Windows.

Unlock creativity with AI-powered dashboard design


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