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AI Chatbot • AI Dashboard • AI Analytics

MicroStrategy AI

Integrate Auto, our virtual AI assistant, seamlessly into existing workflows to change the way users work.


What’s available with MicroStrategy AI? 

We provide an entire suite of artificial intelligence products, with access to full GenAI customization to create cutting-edge applications. This is amplified by MicroStrategy Cloud and microservices for rapid deployment at scale. Enable users to discover insights with conversational AI, get creative with AI-powered dashboard design, or code on your own terms. 


Meet Auto. Your virtual AI assistant.

Completing the most complex tasks automatically. Driving faster results.

Auto Bot

Custom bots make it super easy for literally anyone to ask and answer questions using simple natural language - right from where they work every day. Auto Bots are super easy to build and deploy so that you can put them anywhere they are needed such as embedded in your company portal, on mobiles at your point of sale, or directly from Teams. And, each bot is highly customizable and can be quickly tailored to understand the unique needs of your business.  


Auto Answers

Our mission is intelligence everywhere—for everyone, anywhere. The rise of large language models (LLMs) and simplicity of conversational AI allows you to extend data access. MicroStrategy’s AI-powered chatbot automatically answers questions for self-service insights that explain the "why" behind the data. Ask for specific data points, summaries, or about what-if scenarios in real time.  AI simplifies analytics and lowers the barrier to access data. Embeddable in any application and supported in all languages.

Auto Dashboard

Unlock AI-powered design and deployment. Auto is your top collaborator on data visualizations, dashboards, reports, or entire apps—ask a question and watch content appear on your screen in seconds. Think of the data you want. And the style you want it. Auto will keep up with all your design specifications, as well as consider previous design choices and security compliance. Make changes or consult chat again for the perfect display. It’s auto dashboard creation for any user, regardless of their technical proficiency. 


Auto SQL

SQL complexity is no longer a problem. Designed for architects, automatically generate accurate and efficient SQL queries to answer business questions. Using natural language processing, Auto automatically translates plain text into SQL. This AI bot creates tables and joins on the fly, and can even make sense of the most complex SQL queries for you. Continue to provide information to adjust or optimize the SQL statements. 

Advanced Analytics with AI

Revolutionize decision-making with an AI chatbot for advanced analytics. Automatically provide precise forecasting, allowing users to better anticipate market trends and optimize future strategy. Enable key driver analysis to unravel the complex web of factors that influence outcomes, helping organizations pinpoint critical drivers behind performance metrics. Or leverage Auto to track and highlight emerging data trends. 


Auto Expert

Proficient in AI and analytics, our AI Expert chatbot revolutionizes how you find resources or learning materials. Seamlessly integrated into MicroStrategy’s web experience, ask the chatbot questions on a variety of topics and quickly receive personalized responses. Get the latest articles or demos and rely on MicroStrategy AI for 24/7 product support.  

AI Security

Navigation of the vast and intricate landscape of data becomes crucial in the era of AI. The industry-leading Semantic Graph is the base of trust and governance for AI functionality. It provides object reusability and transparent data lineage at scale. This allows organizations to maintain control of the accuracy and integrity of the data throughout its lifecycle. 


MicroStrategy AI is designed for every user

What can the MicroStrategy ONE platform do for you? Find out now. 

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Go behind the scenes to understand how our customized AI integration and secure data foundation accelerate product adoption and increase operational efficiency.


What should you know about MicroStrategy and AI?

What is MicroStrategy AI?

MicroStrategy AI enhances the traditional BI platform with AI-driven features. Auto, the virtual AI assistant, helps users to analyze data through natural language in an intuitive chatbot interface. It can answer business questions, automate dashboard or application creation, or craft and optimize free-form SQL queries.

What makes MicroStrategy ONE an AI/BI platform?

With MicroStrategy, we accelerate AI with BI. As the market leader in Enterprise BI, we’ve supported the world’s most innovative companies with large-scale analytics applications. This requires dedication to data accuracy, integrity, and governance on a global level. We apply the same care to our AI products, ensuring you can always trust the results. 

Can I upload my own model or decide which vendor to use?

No. Auto, the AI-enabled assistant is specifically integrated with the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service, and the setup is internally managed by MicroStrategy. Currently, uploading custom models or choosing a different vendor is not supported. If you’re interested to learn more, make sure to reach out to MicroStrategy directly. 

How does the Auto AI chatbot safeguard my data? 

The safety of your data is paramount when using Auto. All interactions take place within the secure boundaries of the MicroStrategy platform, ensuring no sensitive or personal data is ever transmitted or stored externally. Configurations are strictly set to prevent data retention or usage, upholding the confidentiality of your data consistently.