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The one platform to revolutionize how users interact with your app

No matter your product or service, the integration of AI improves the customer experience and increases engagement levels. Making you stand out.

Accelerate productivity

Do more, 10x faster. Embed data insights, self-service-reporting, and customized AI chat assistants to augment app workflows with automatic answers or outputs. 

Increase customer retention

Reduce customer churn by creating app experiences that stick. Boost adoption and foster product growth with cutting-edge AI innovation for powerful app personalization. 

Enhance efficiency

Work smart, spend less. Leverage cloud-native technologies to iterate faster and cut unnecessary dev costs. Add AI to the mix and you have doubled your efficiency. 

Launch immersive AI-powered apps that actually drive impact 

Innovate your UX, easily

Stand out in a crowd. Drive revenue growth with memorable app workflows and AI features that really speak to the user. Help your customers get more out of the app experience with an engaging AI assistant that provides automatic answers or outputs in real time. Enable users to interact with personalized chat for further product discovery. Or embed self-service capabilities for users to visualize key drivers or what-if scenarios. 

Scale trusted AI globally at lightning speed

Accelerate time to market. MicroStrategy’s powerful cloud-native platform, multi-cloud strategy, and containerization capabilities provide a low-risk path to product launch. Select from leading hyperscalers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud that align with your product strategy. Iterate quickly on new feature testing and maintain seamless app performance for users, enabling data-driven workflows wherever people are. 

Meet Auto.

Auto, our AI chatbot, solves the most complex tasks automatically. Auto helps businesses design and deploy incredible products that users love. 

Elevate customer engagement and support with Auto, AI chatbot powered by advanced AI apps and business intelligence.

Deliver trusted AI results

Ensuring reliable, accurate AI outputs within chat begins with the foundation of trusted data. Our AI products work with the industry’s most reliable semantic graph to ensure data transparency and precision behind the training models. This allows your object definitions to be maintained in AI results. As an additional layer of security, we provide a sophisticated infrastructure for data governance and user access at the dataset level. 

Create apps with ultimate flexibility

MicroStrategy’s built on an open, modern architecture. Carefully designed, our composable, plug-and-play framework sets the gold standard for integration into any product, app, or website. Allowing for seamless integration with coding and programming languages, your data science and development teams can customize or extend the platform to meet product specifications. We’re your partner in powering unparalleled product success. 

We’re more than just our technology

MicroStrategy’s power as a platform is amplified by long-lasting partnerships with some of the best in data analytics. Connect with our partner network to build innovative solutions that ignite brand growth and accelerate new customer acquisition. Access data from various providers. Modernize your tech stack with cloud. And gain AI knowledge from top experts.

What do the world’s most innovative companies build with MicroStrategy? 

We change the game. Hear how leading product teams exceed customer expectations, disrupt markets, and monetize data in partnership with MicroStrategy.

OptumInsight at UnitedHealth Group bridges the payer-provider gap with a seamless analytics app that extends data access and improves billing efficiency.

Amica improves customer retention and service ratings with simple, efficient apps for their teams, surfacing customer opportunities at lower IT costs.

Sony’s teams use  MicroStrategy to scale apps quickly from a data volume and analytics provisioning perspective, placing users at the center of gaming strategy. 

Hilton combines the physical and digital into “phygital” travel experiences, using real-time customer insights to fuel personalized offerings that drive customer loyalty.

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