Connecting (In-Person) is a Priority

Schedule a TechTalk, Escalation Review, or Private Meeting.

Tired of video conferences? We are, too!

World is our chance to connect face-to-face and make your time in Orlando incredibly productive. 


Private 1:1 Meetings with Our Experts

Back by popular demand, we're hosting a series of TechTalks - one-on-one meetings with a MicroStrategy expert from our Technology, Consulting, or Sales Engineering teams. These meetings are first come, first serve and book up in advance. Appointments can be made on the World App.

TechTalk: Available Topics

Your Roadmap to Modern Analytics

Get a custom plan moving from Documents to Dossiers. Plus, see how to quickly deploy HyperIntelligence, Applications, and Office Integration. 

Advanced Application Design in Library

Review techniques and processes to optimize and enhance your application experiences with Dossiers and Library. 

Embed Analytics & Enhance Applications

Explore white-labeling MicroStrategy to infuse analytics into workflows or provide in-context insights within existing apps. 

Make Your Cloud Migration Easy

Outline strategies to ensure a smooth cloud migration, including secure data connectivity, authentication, and automated upgrades. 

Administration Workflows & Automation

A “can’t miss” for Admins—review the latest features to optimize  performance and our library of Python modules to automate tasks. 

Key Strategies to Maximize Adoption

Identify key features and review proven methods to improve user adoption of your analytics application to great effect.  

Escalation Review

Private 1:1 Meetings with Tech Support Leaders

New to World this year, schedule an in-person meeting with a case support liaison. Collaborate with dedicated technicians to troubleshoot issues, determine the best solutions, and resolve your cases.

Private Meeting Rooms

This year we set aside private rooms for you to connect with (and expand) your MicroStrategy network. Reserve a room via the World app and invite other attendees to join. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your room in advance.