Bitcoin & Lightning for Corporations

As part of MicroStrategy World 2023
May 3-4, 2023 | Orlando, Florida

Attend the annual conference focused on corporate adoption of bitcoin and lightning.

Bitcoin & Lightning for Corporations is a unique opportunity for corporate leaders, financial executives, and technology innovators to discuss the future of Bitcoin in the corporate world. The event features expert advice needed for corporations—to plug into bitcoin and lightning and reimagine their business—directly from the market’s most credible voices and experienced practitioners.

This event is hosted by MicroStrategy, a pioneer in Bitcoin adoption. In August 2020, MicroStrategy became the first publicly traded company to acquire and hold bitcoin on its balance sheet as a primary treasury reserve asset. MicroStrategy paved the way for other companies, such a Block, Inc. and Tesla, to follow.

Keynote Speakers

Michael Rihani
Bitcoin Product Lead
Block / Cash App

Jack Mallers
CEO & Founder

Michael J. Saylor
Executive Chairman

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, May 3

Bitcoin for Corporations

Thursday, May 4

Lightning for Corporations

Opening Keynote
Bitcoin Keynote

There isn’t a more disruptive technology in the world today than the bitcoin blockchain and it’s a growing network. Get a macroeconomic perspective on where it can take us in the coming year—and how institutions and corporations can directly plug into and benefit from the world’s hardest asset.  

Lightning Keynote

Bitcoin does its job—but it can’t do every job. Enter Lightning: the decentralized payment channel network that’s built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. It’s fast. Cheap. Private. And scalable. (No surprise adoption is skyrocketing.) Hear how corporations can embrace innovative Lightning applications to solve conventional business challenges. 

Panel Discussion
Wall Street & Bitcoin

Bitcoin never sleeps—but has the institutional herd finally caught on? Get the latest from the street on how analysts, bankers, and asset managers are considering the asset class. Hear views straight from established Wall Street firms and market-watchers. And identify key milestones and trends to look for in this evolving relationship. 

The Lightning Ecosystem Panel

Need an example of how Lightning can impact your business? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) upended the telecommunications industry. Lightning is analogous to MoIP: Money over Internet Protocol. Its ability to deliver secure transactions with scale and speed is a seismic shift in what’s possible. Get a complete sense of this expanding ecosystem—and how it can revolutionize your business. 

Vendor Presentations
Corporate Treasury Session

Reimagining your corporate treasury strategy for the 21st century sounds daunting—but it doesn’t have to be. Hear directly from the institutional-grade exchanges and trusted custodians on how to get started on acquiring bitcoin for corporations. Plus, get key insights and recommendations on securing your treasury via cold storage. 

MicroStrategy Lightning

Will the Lightning Network remedy challenges associated with interactions via social media and the internet? From effectively rewarding user engagement, to radically reducing spam and malicious bots, see how one team of enthusiastic developers at MicroStrategy is building a solution that makes a difference—one Satoshi at a time. 

Lunch & Learn
Bitcoin 101
Lightning 101
Panel Discussion
Accounting & Tax Panel

Don’t expect accounting standards and tax treatments to remain stagnant. Stay ahead and know what to expect, including key market signals to be on the lookout for in the year ahead. Hear the latest insights from our expert panel on digital asset accounting, reporting, and tax considerations—such as FASB’s recent movement on fair value treatment of assets. 

Lightning Breakout Sessions

Who’s who in Lightning? Get a front-row seat to see innovative applications running on the Lightning Network. Hear directly from entrepreneurs who are rapidly creating products and services by leveraging this breakthrough technology.  

MicroStrategy Lightning Workshop

Don’t blink—you might miss it. See why transactions that once took days can now settle in less than two seconds. Get hands-on with MicroStrategy Lightning. Discover how it easily integrates into your business. Learn how to create Lightning wallets at scale. And get a complete picture of both technical aspects and commercial applications.  

Panel Discussion
Legal & Regulatory Panel 

What does an emerging patchwork of legislation mean for bitcoin as an asset class? Better understand the myriad of scenarios likely to occur as governments around the world look to bring greater clarity to the market with a clear framework for digital assets. Our panel of legal experts break it down for you with key considerations and crucial trends to watch.   

Closing Keynote
The Future of Bitcoin for Corporations: A Fireside Chat 

Crypto is noise—Bitcoin is the signal. Corporations need the knowledge, tools, and network to stay focused on adoption and benefit from this technology. How will this conference continue to serve the needs of its audience? Hear directly from the market’s most credible voices and experienced practitioners to find out. 

A Bright Orange Future: A Fireside Chat

MicroStrategy Executive Chairman hosts a Bitcoin and Lightning luminary to share their unique vantagepoint on the market. Hear their thoughts on upcoming milestones to watch for, what disruptions they foresee in the market, and how corporations can act today to ensure relevance in an ever-evolving business landscape. 

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