Why MicroStrategy? We’re the best.

Analytics empowers. That's why we focus on providing an easy and scalable analytics platform with no hidden costs, which BARC ranks as the best in portfolio capabilities.

Proven High Scalability. Low TCO. Quick time-to-value. 

Reusable. Easy for everyone. Effortless answers.

Designed for security & trust. Built for openness.

Analytics for all

  • Cloud-agile analytics for any-scale data volume and reporting
  • HyperIntelligence: Effortless answers in everyday applications
  • Embed branded analytics into your apps to empower every user

For any-sized business

  • After considering multiple BI tools, a supermarket chain with a small BI team chose MicroStrategy for its strong end-user performance, variety of data integrations, easy cloud offering, and built-in security.
  • A global coffee brand tried other market options but ultimately standardized on MicroStrategy, which delivers performance at scale and helps them better engage with their customers.

See how we compare

Why customers choose us

Other Large BI Tools
Ease of Use
  • No-code UI for easy ad hoc reporting.
  • HyperIntelligence: Patented technology. Effortless answers in everyday websites & apps.
  • Quick-to-build multi-page and dynamic analytics for any device screen.
  • Users need knowledge of database tables & SQL for reporting.
  • Added costs for viewing analytics. Users need to search for insights.
  • Extra costs for paginated reports and sharing. Unpredictable dashboard appearance for different screen sizes.
  • Predictable cost—comprehensive platform, built-in functionalities & integrations
  • High-cost capacity subscription + User licenses + Add-on costs for core BI capabilities + Third-party integration costs = High TCO
  • Proven performance at scale. No usage limits. 
  • Designed for all sizes of datasets. 
  • Forget data migrations—use your data from where it is.
  • Usage limits. Costs for more RAM, storage, refreshes, and big data. 
  • Limited dataset size and visualization column limits. 
  • Require costly & time-consuming ETLs. Limited or add-on-cost data source integrations.
  • Deploy on your preferred cloud provider. 
  • Usable on any OS. 
  • Pull secure data into your preferred analytics tools, as well as RStudio and Jupyter for advanced analytics.
  • Deployable only on specific cloud providers. 
  • Apps or platform restricted to specific OS. 
  • No integrations with other analytics tools. Limited security and functionality for integrations with advanced analytics.
  • Semantic graph centrally defines reusable metrics & attributes to de-complicate data and enable data consistency. 
  • Reusable security. Automated & centralized administration. Any security provider. 
  • Internationalization: Build once, use in multiple languages.
  • Labor-intensive, costly re-building across redundant objects causes complexity and inconsistent metrics. 
  • Manually configure security for each dashboard. Limited security integrations. 
  • Datasets & reports need to be rebuilt in each language to make the same analytics available.

The results are in*

There's a reason we're a fan favorite. Hear what customers love about MicroStrategy**.

The Best All-In-One Enterprise BI Platform

We have used MicroStrategy for over a decade, and over time, evaluated other BI platforms; however, nothing comes close to MicroStrategy as it has the best price-to-value ratio with all critical capabilities in a single package

- VP of Business Intelligence, Major U.S. Healthcare Company

A Game-Changer in Our Business - Simply the Best

MicroStrategy has been the best BI and Analytics platform I've come across in my 20-year career. I've used Cognos, Business Objects, SAS and Microsoft reporting tools, but none stack up against what MicroStrategy has to offer as a complete package.

- Business Intelligence Architect, Large Retailer in Australia

Solid BI & Visualization Tool - for Insight Analysis & Enterprise Reporting

MicroStrategy is very easy to use for end-users—polyvalent and versatile. Robust architecture. Semantic layer and security capabilities. Easy to use data analysis and dashboard creation. True responsive designs.

- Head of BI Department, Major Retailer in France

The Best Things

I use this solution for enterprise data analysis. The solution provides a user-friendly data analysis environment and superior data visualization function.

- Manager of IT Services, Major Manufacturer in South Korea

Democratization Of Information In The Company

It's a powerful and robust tool—at the same time, it is simple to use. It is a tool that empowers the end-user; that’s why it’s intuitive and easy.

- Data and Analytics Manager, Large Bank in Argentina

The Best Tools and Partners For Analytics For OEM

We selected MicroStrategy based on their overall platform ecosystem that supports our use cases as an OEM. MicroStrategy has been a fantastic partner in implementing our solution, providing technical resources to help our team build out our solution

- Sr. Product Manager, Large U.S. Travel and Hospitality Company

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MicroStrategy’s agile, market-leading analytics platform fits any scale enterprise.

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