Enterprise Support Program

Apply your support plan benefits to request our expert-led upgrade and advisory services.

Optimizing your systems for world-class enterprise intelligence requires continuous evolution. That’s why we’ve reimagined your support plan benefits to include access to a suite of consulting engagements expertly crafted to help you get more from your technology investments using MicroStrategy. Each year, you can apply your support plan benefits to request our expert-led upgrade and advisory services at no additional cost.*

*Enterprise Support benefits are determined by MicroStrategy. Learn more about eligibility.

Get More Value with Enterprise Support.

Contact us today to learn more about the complimentary consulting you can get with your Enterprise Support benefits.

Upgrade Your Platform

Excited about MicroStrategy 2020? Our experts are extensively trained in every release and leverage proprietary tools and techniques to seamlessly upgrade you to our latest release, so that you can take advantage of enhanced security and performance—and rapidly put new features and innovations to use.

  • Let our experts get you to go-live with an end-to-end upgrade.
  • Start with an analysis of your current environment to develop a DIY upgrade plan.
  • Stay up-to-speed and on-version with platform updates and feature enhancements released quarterly.

Modernize Your Experience

Deliver dynamic, intuitive user experiences using the top features your platform has to offer. Seamlessly share insights that inspire one-click actions with HyperIntelligence, deliver mobile apps optimized for any device, ditch grid reports for Dossier®, and more.

  • Design compelling solutions through collaborative workshops led by our experts.
  • Pilot user-centric HyperIntelligence cards and mobile apps in your environment.
  • Enhance UI/UX with workflow-friendly Dossiers dynamically optimized for any device.


Ready to use the platform to work smarter, not harder? Request advisories from a variety of specialty areas and get detailed best practices to improve user experience with better design, architect your semantic layer to deliver your single version of the truth at scale, and optimize your business and technical results.

  • Unlock proven best practices that have helped thousands of customers worldwide get more from their enterprise investments using our platform.
  • Put customized strategies and expert-designed solutions for your most pressing challenges into action and enhance how you drive value.
  • Architect your system and semantic layer design for sustainable enterprise results at scale.


Have licenses you aren’t using? Get our experts to design and build a pilot solution that helps you solve new business challenges with parts of the platform you haven’t fully leveraged.

  • Discover the power of no-click insights on the websites, apps, and devices you use daily using HyperIntelligence--the biggest breakthrough in enterprise analytics in decades.
  • Develop intuitive mobile apps featuring interactive workflows and transformational capabilities, at the fingertips of your workforce on any device.
  • Modernize your analytics experience and redesign legacy applications with sleek, seamless designs using out-of-the-box features like Dossier and Library.

Enterprise Support Eligibility

A customer may request to receive Enterprise Support services benefits only if (i) the customer holds an active subscription to MicroStrategy Support at the time the request is made and ii) the customer paid required MicroStrategy Support fees during the last four quarters immediately preceding when the request is made as calculated on a rolling basis. Program eligibility and specific benefits are determined by several factors, including but not limited to the amount of Technical Support services fees paid by the customer in the last four quarters prior to the year in which the customer’s eligibility is effective.

Please contact your MicroStrategy account team to understand which Enterprise Support benefits you may be eligible to receive and to request delivery of applicable services. Engagements delivered through the Enterprise Support program are subject to resource availability. MicroStrategy maintains the right to adjust customer eligibility requirements for available benefits at its sole discretion.