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Turkish Airlines Uses MicroStrategy to Run Their Operations

Approximately 5,000 Turkish Airlines employees rely on MicroStrategy's powerful mobile productivity apps to interact, online or offline, with operational performance data in the palm of their hands. Business users can pull up any one of their mobile apps on their iPads, iPhones and Android mobile devices to write back transactions directly to the database. These transactions include updating passenger reservations, typically as checked-in, boarded, flown or another status as soon as the change occurs. Recently, Turkish Airlines rolled out additional mobile apps for day-to-day airline operations that put transaction services capabilities into action. To hear how Turkish Airlines is leveraging MicroStrategy 10 to enhance operational performance, watch this video.

"With data in the airline industry constantly growing in size and complexity, deploying MicroStrategy 10 has allowed us to organize our library of metadata in one place so we can better understand and act on all our datasets -- Oracle, Hadoop and mainframe -- to identify opportunities that cut costs and minimize travel delays for our passengers," said Ibrahim Oral Emul, Big Data and Business Intelligence Manager at Turkish Airlines. "We also leveraged the MicroStrategy platform to create a native mobile experience. Our users rely on MicroStrategy Mobile's unique capabilities to interact with our travel data so we can improve customer satisfaction. MicroStrategy has become a crucial asset for the Turkish Airlines team to accelerate smart decision-making."

"MicroStrategy recognizes that quality and speed of decision-making can make or break an organization's ability to execute key decisions better and faster than the competition," said Michael J. Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy Incorporated. "We are excited to see the MicroStrategy platform have such a broad impact on Turkish Airlines. Not only has it accelerated how their user community reacts to data to make impactful decisions, but it has also introduced new ways for them to rethink and enhance the passenger experience."

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