Published: January 04, 2022  •  692 Views

Sainsbury's: Enhance Customer Experience Through Your Data

Discover how visionary leaders at top UK retailer Sainsbury's enhanced customer experience, store operations, and more through the lens of data—and achieved remarkable results.

Discover how Sainsbury’s reimagined its business model, democratized its data, and operationalized analytics to empower its colleagues to work smarter each day. Learn how Sainsbury’s partnered with MicroStrategy to deliver trusted data analytics to decision-makers up and down its organization—giving them the insights they need to make the right moves that best serve the needs of customers and colleagues every day.

Want to learn more? See why Sainsbury's secured the Intelligent Enterprise Award at MicroStrategy World 2022—the annual analytics conference for users across the globe.

Sainsbury's Retail Success Story

Learn how Sainsbury's established an enterprise data and analytics strategy to transform information into a competitive edge.