Published: January 04, 2022  •  128 Views

Sainsbury's: Data Puts Customers at the Heart of Decisions

Discover how Sainsbury's leverages data analytics to place customers at the heart of its decisions—and champion satisfaction across the end-to-end customer journey.

Explore how Sainsbury’s puts customer happiness at the heart of its decision-making process across all levels of its business. In pursuit of achieving high satisfaction marks, one of Sainsbury’s 8 corporate metrics, it integrated customer satisfaction and experience data across all brands to paint a clear picture about each customers’ end-to-end journey—and drive organizational actions that yield results.

Want to learn more? See why Sainsbury's secured the Intelligent Enterprise Award at MicroStrategy World 2022—the annual analytics conference for users across the globe.

Sainsbury's Retail Success Story

Learn how Sainsbury's established an enterprise data and analytics strategy to transform information into a competitive edge.