Published: October 28, 2020  •  630 Views

Enrich Insurance Systems with HyperIntellligence to accelerate Workflows & Decisions

Discover how MicroStrategy enriches web-based insurance systems like Guidewire with additional key KPIs to accelerate the workflow and decisions for claims officers, risk managers or other insurance experts.
MicroStrategy uses its disruptive Hyper Intelligence solution to provide this information in a fast and flexible way – Zero-Click Intelligence™ for everyone!
Get your business questions answered by simply hovering over text – no interruptions, no delays. HyperWeb delivers insights to users in the applications they are already using.
See how you can inject intelligence directly into web browsers, e-mail clients,, Slack, Office365 apps, other BI tools, and more!

Webinars for Banking & Financial Services Industry

4/5 videos | 2H 49M 16S total runtime