Published: September 23, 2022  •  2738 Views

Deploy Smart Banking with 360-Degree Branch Management App

Banking and financial institutions rely heavily on analytics to understand both customer and market trends. With this application, branch managers can get a 360-degree view on current performance and progress to key targets or opportunities.

Discover how you can deliver a competitive edge with a 360-degree branch management application for financial services institutions. Learn how your branch managers can benefit from an up-to-the-minute performance dashboards based on specific requirements.

Explore how you can optimize the client experience and improve profits with an application that showcases key performance indicators including:

  • Client satisfaction and wait times
  • Asset values
  • Progress towarrds key branch targets
  • Employee performance
  • Cross-selling opportunities

Get started with MicroStrategy today and deploy your banking application in less than 30 days.