Published: May 15, 2020  •  993 Views

Analyzing the Impact of Covid-19 on the Banking Industry

In uncertain times, analytics becomes essential for every company, but especially for the banking industry. Changes in the economy can significantly impact loan payments, and tracking the trends of these loans can be critical for a financial institution. This video shows how MicroStrategy can be used to gain a comprehensive view of business risks and navigate through a new economic landscape. Watch this video to view:

  • A loan deferment report that leverages HyperIntelligence
  • A deferred loans management dashboard
  • HyperIntelligence customer cards on Salesforce



[0:13] Loan Deferment Report with HyperIntelligence
[1:42] Deferred Loans Management Dashboard
[5:18] HyperIntelligence Customer Cards on Salesforce
[6:22] Conclusion

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