The Most Powerful Analytics for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Secured data. Improved patient outcomes.

Quantifiable results


In cost savings

Uncovered by a large national healthcare provider by identifying low-risk procedures that could be performed in ASCs (Ambulatory Surgery Centers) 



Commercial users

Globally are leveraging modern analytics at a leading biopharmaceutical organization, expecting to double as they expand into new markets in the next year 


Years of data expertise

Monetized by a large pharmacy and healthcare provider to build ONE holistic solution with embedded analytics to improve performance and reduce maintenance cost

No data gaps. No performance limits. Just trusted analytics that lead to better patient outcomes. 

For Providers

Improve hospital performance and operations.

With access to the most reliable analytics, uncover potential gaps and shortcomings in your operational efficiency, improve quality of care, and patient satisfaction. Leverage integrated and secure patients’ data to create more personalized care and reduce wait time. 

For payers

Empower healthcare professionals with the resources they need at the right time. 

Elevate supply chain management by providing buyers with accurate insight into costs and vendor performance.
Equip Patient Centered Medical Home teams with centralized patient data to help improve quality of care and drive better outcomes.

MicroStrategy Customers

Why MicroStrategy?

Quick time-to-value. Superior mobile analytics to help close information gaps and provide better patient care.

Effortless answers. Easy analytics audit trails to ensure safe access to PHI. 

Designed for security & trust. Effective HIPAA-compliant analytics to help reassure secure access to sensitive information. 


Realize market opportunities across your entire value chain. 

Get the full picture and greater insight into every part of your brand: sales management, marketing, R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and commercial. Uncover new product opportunities and customer demand based on real-world evidence and clinical trial intelligence. 

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Pfizer solves data speed & consistency challenges to drive impact.

Learn how Pfizer delivers consistent, personalized analytics at scale. Discover how it built a foundation and scaled insights to executive leaders, analysts, and field reps across the organization to drive impact.

A healthier future starts with data.