Mission Driven Data Analytics for Government and Public Services

#1 *FedRAMP authorized platform for BI and analytics


*Expected August 2022

Equip mission leaders with information needed to better execute operations.

Government agencies need modern analytics solutions to serve the public, and provide critical information to the right people at the right time.
MicroStrategy empowers agencies to improve mission performance, make data accessible to citizens, and detect and prevent fraud.
Mission Readiness

Generate insights across organizations to equip decision-makers with the data they need to fulfill their missions.

Logistics and Supply Chain Efficiency

Identify bottlenecks and empower personnel to cut waste and improve fulfillment cycles.

Financial Management

Balance dynamic budget priorities and proactively manage expenditures with real-time insights.

Accelerate mission-critical operations with HyperIntelligence
Summer 2022

MicroStrategy Cloud for Government

We’re on track for FedRAMP authorization in 2022. Explore our top-rated cloud technologies with the confidence that your data is secure under the highest-grade controls that the industry has to offer.

ATO Sponsored by: The Department of Health and Human Services
Secure your data and rely on high performance

With FedRAMP authorization, we take our commitment to security one step further and institute methods and procedures that meet government qualifications for data control, storage, access, and encryption to ensure protection of federal information.

Drive your agency’s digital transformation

The latest version of MicroStrategy not only gives you access to world-class security, but an entire suite of tools that will transform the way your organization interacts with data. Design custom applications that empower global users to take action and drive the mission forward.

Accelerate analytics adoption

Revamp analytics across the organization and establish a data-first culture. Build personalized data experiences for every user to focus on the data and decisions that drive impact, both in the office or in the field—all with the peace of mind that your data is safe with us.

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Civilian Government

As the expectations for digital experiences continue to rise, civil government agencies face significant demand for faster digital modernization. Government data is often stored in many different systems and formats, resulting in data processing challenges, as well as a lack of data transparency for the citizens.

MicroStrategy delivers enterprise-grade modern analytics solutions that improve communication with the public, accelerate decision-making and help build trusted, data-driven cultures.


For national defense agencies, data is a weapon system that must be managed and secured. Civilians and service members need applications that are easy to use and enable scalable and secure adoption in any environment (on-prem, cloud, or hybrid).

MicroStrategy is a solution that empowers agencies and military units to inject or embed intelligence from disparate data sources and publicly available information into new applications. These applications integrate with existing systems to reduce search time, investigate predictive models, and provide timely insights into real or potential threats.

State and Local Government

Daily decision-making requires trusted and secure data infrastructure that links critical information to help minimize manual processing when handling sensitive data. The governments around the globe are modernizing their systems to fully automate data management and to ensure data availability for all authorized entities.

To serve the public effectively and efficiently, state and local officials rely on the MicroStrategy platform for data governance and maintenance to help drive better outcomes for citizens.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities need reliable data to make informed decisions that support student’s needs and success. To better serve constituents requires generating and leveraging large amounts of data across various systems and functions with technology that can handle scale.

Lead your digital transformation with confidence. With MicroStrategy, you will be able to better serve the public while safeguarding students’ sensitive data and providing a better digital experience.


Drive digital transformation. Deliver mission-ready analytics.

Meeting compliance and contracting requirements

With availability through a wide variety of contract vehicles, compliance with baseline standards and certifications, and a flexible approach to deployment, MicroStrategy is ready to meet the changing requirements for Federal, State, and municipal data analytics.


AWS (US East/US West)
AWS (GovCloud, Secret, and Top Secret Regions)
Microsoft Azure (US East/US West)
Google Cloud Platform (Coming soon)


In partnership with Colvin Run Networks solutions for predictive maintenance, maintenance analytics, and program manager decision aids are available through SBIR Phase III acquisition.




511210 (our primary code): Software Publishers
334614: Software and Other Prerecorded Compact Disc, Tape, and Record Reproducing
423430: Computer and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software Merchant Wholesalers
541519: Other Computer Related Services


FedRAMP Moderate In-Process
Approved for deployment on Army Networks
Navy DADMS# 133293
USMC DADMS# 120626
DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) compliant
FIPS 140-2 compliant


GSA: GS-35F-0511T
NASA SEWP: NNG15SC16B (Category A, Group A); NNG15SC39B (Category B, Group D)
ITES-SW2 (through DLT)
Sole source through SBA 8a and SDVOSB partners
Partnered on SITE III and T4NG Contract Vehicles