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In a crowded field of BI vendors to choose from, thousands of the world's top brands rely on MicroStrategy for its fully open architecture and enterprise-grade capabilities. These unique characteristics allow large organizations to scale their analytics without the added expense or being locked into a single technology stack.


MicroStrategy offers greater flexibility to choose where and how your data is managed, plus a breadth of analytics experiences that extends to every user in the organization. From self-service to mobile apps to automated insights and natural language—it’s all built off a single version of the truth that keeps you in control.

Break down data silos with the industry’s #1 platform for enterprise analytics. Drive long-term ROI with predictable pricing and 360-degree service.  Scale to tens of thousands of users to drive impactful data-driven decision making, from the boardroom to the front lines.


Join thousands of the world’s best brands who trust MicroStrategy to deliver:  

  • High performance applications that scale to 100% of the enterprise  
  • The flexibility to maximize data investments while avoiding lock-in   
  • Low-code/no-code development to rapidly build and deploy apps  
  • Proven use cases with intuitive experiences for data-driven decisions 



Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms Gartner (May 2022)

The industry’s #1 platform for enterprise analytics

Why organizations choose MicroStrategy over Power BI


1 Cloud Portability

Over 90% of large enterprises rely on a hybrid or multi-cloud operation. MicroStrategy delivers the same experience and performance regardless of where your data or analytics is hosted.

2 High Adoption

MicroStrategy specializes in delivering solutions that go beyond dashboards and visualizations, to deliver actionable, targeted insights to everyone in the organization - not just analysts.

3 Data Governance

MicroStrategy’s object-oriented semantic layer allows data governance to be managed centrally. Each new dashboard inherits the security profile of the pre-existing elements, reducing the potential for costly errors.

4 Data Security

MicroStrategy delivers world-class data security that balances integrity, accessibility, and protection, with its unique open architecture and FedRAMP-authorized managed cloud service.

Our Customers’ Stories

Faster time-to-market. Better ROI.  

The CTO of an international bank relies on both SQL Server and Teradata for Data Warehousing. He considered adopting Power BI but realized it does not leverage the scale/performance benefits of Teradata. That means he would have to move all his data to SQL Server. 

Instead, he went with MicroStrategy. 

Cost transparency. Easy to scale.

A CPG company had a complex data warehouse using a MicroStrategy Financial Reporting application. The CTO asked her team to evaluate Power BI as a cheaper alternative. But because Power BI depends on other Microsoft products, such as Analysis Services, it would actually cost 2-10x more. 

The company stayed with MicroStrategy. 

Build once. Deploy everywhere.

A large enterprise deployed Power BI and Snowflake to all its business users. The users realized they had to recreate every metric for each dashboard. 

The organization needed reusability. They needed a semantic layer capable of powering an enterprise deployment. 

That’s why they chose MicroStrategy. 

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MicroStrategy offers more tech-stack flexibility and performance predictability as compared to Power BI, a tool that introduces unpredictable costs when scaling beyond departmental deployments.


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