Published: June 16, 2022  •  143 Views

What Does It Mean to Be Knowledgeable? 3 Strategies for Disruption

Breaking the data fluency barrier is the most vital opportunity for organizations striving to become 100% data-driven. The fastest and smartest enterprises take a three-step approach: 

  • Establish trust between teams and departments with a single enterprise model of the truth 
  • Deliver insights to everyone from the executive suite to the store floor where they already live and work rather than them having to find them. 
  • Avoid relying on dashboards and complex visualizations when conversational natural language delivers higher engagement and actionability. 


These companies are raising the bar by changing what it means to be knowledgeable in the modern economy outpacing the competition and driving higher growth. 

Hear from MicroStrategy Product Manager, Nida Imtiaz and Lyndsee Manna, EVP, Strategic Partnership and Global Business at ARRIA as they describe the steps you can take right now to embrace augmented analytics for your organization and make every single employee smarter and faster.

Lyndsee Manna
Lyndsee Manna

EVP, Strategic Partnerships and Global Business


Nida Imtiaz
Nida Imtiaz

Product Manager