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Top Tips: Setup and Support for MicroStrategy Platform Analytics (Part 1: Theory)

You have questions—and your MicroStrategy Support team has answers.

Join us for a presentation, demo, and recorded Q&A session about how the out-of-the-box Platform Analytics tool can help you proactively monitor and manage the performance and utilization of your MicroStrategy ecosystem.

Our experts share an overview of how this native platform feature works and describe the workflows it uses to collect operational data across the various components of your MicroStrategy system. We also summarize how Platform Analytics fits into the overall architecture for your platform and demo how the data collected by the Platform Analytics tool can be used to help you effectively and efficiently manage and maintain peak performance across your MicroStrategy ecosystem.

Recommended for Platform Administrators, System Administrators, and Intelligence Directors, this session provides a foundational understanding of how Platform Analytics works and the reporting capabilities it offers. The material covered in Part 1: Theory sets the stage for the configuration best practices and troubleshooting tips and tricks we share in our Part 2: Practice session.

This session was recorded live on Friday, September 18, 2020.

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