Published: June 09, 2022  •  241 Views

The Future of BI: Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Forrester Research imagines the post-dashboard world of BI as Impactful, Actionable, Augmented, Unified, Personalized, Adaptive, and Pervasive. 

In this session, guest speaker and Forrester Research Analyst, Rowan Curran and MicroStrategy SVP of Product Management, Jose Nocedal sit down to talk timelines and about all that the future may have in store. 

These seasoned product experts will share their views on 3 main topics from Forrester’s report: 

  • Enterprise BI Will Effect Tangible Business Outcomes with Actionable BI 
  • Enterprise BI Will Become Even More Effective with Augmented Capabilities 
  • Enterprise BI Will Be Pervasive and Embedded on All Systems of Work 


Hear from experts talk about what’s true—and what to expect as we move into the future. We’re here to help you prepare for the next analytics wave, and to improve the value of your analytics solution ahead of the curve. 

Jose Nocedal
Senior Vice President, Product Manager

Rowan Curran 
Forrester Research