Published: March 18, 2021  •  358 Views

The Best of World 2021

MicroStrategy World is always a crowd-pleasing event.  Our customers, partners and colleagues enjoy coming together in a glamorous location to get the latest and greatest on delivering Intelligence Everywhere.  For 2021 the glamorous location was 'Everywhere' and we were blown away by the number of you who decided to come along. 

In this webinar, Matt Pepper, Principal Sales Engineer and Nick Barth, Senior Sales Engineer have curated a show reel of the MicroStrategy World 2021 highlights - the must-see sessions, customer stories and unique capabilities.

Hear about the:

  • Cool capabilities you can benefit from MicroStrategy 2021
  • Great sessions you may have missed from World.Now
  • UK Customer stories so powerful we had to give them an award

On-Demand Webinars

7/21 videos | 16H 2M 59S total runtime


The Best of World 2021

358 views  | March 18, 2021