Published: October 11, 2022  •  417 Views

Take the Power of Analytics to the Mission's Edge

Get the exclusive on how federal agencies are leveraging the MicroStrategy platform and learn how to design intuitive application workflows that power the nation. And have questions about the cloud itself? We've got you covered. The team will detail everything about MicroStrategy Cloud for Government, the PaaS (platform-as-a-service) solution that provides expert management and guidance for cloud, including 24/7 threat monitoring and active remediation. And, we’re FedRAMP authorized.

The future of secure analytics and BI for government agencies is in the cloud. In fact, 2 out of 3 federal IT leaders have already started to use cloud for critical applications. Sit down with our executive team to get the latest on the release of our FedRAMP-authorized cloud offering, MicroStrategy Cloud for Government. MicroStrategy Cloud for Government allows agencies to extend data accessibility and drive smart decisions with even smarter applications —leading to a more data-driven workforce. Watch MicroStrategy executives Rick “Ozzie” Nelson, Senior Vice President, Government Sector, and Tim Lang, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer review everything you need to know about building applications fit for your mission.

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4/6 videos | 1H 20M 19S total runtime