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Sustainability Reporting with Emmi, a Swiss dairy producer

In this webinar you will learn how organizations can effectively leverage BI and analytics to support sustainability reporting and decision-making.

Our speakers will share their experiences and insights on how to develop an effective sustainability strategy, report on progress, and make data-driven decisions.

Whether you are a sustainability professional or a business leader, this webinar will provide valuable insights and practical tips on how to leverage BI and analytics for sustainability reporting.



  • Welcome with MicroStrategy
  • PWC: “Sustainability Reporting in Transition – Requirements and Challenges“
  • Emmi AG: “Sustainability Reporting at Emmi - Challenges, Solution, Implementation, Achievements“ incl. Live Demo
  • Q&A


After this webinar you will understand, which challenges Emmi AG (MicroStrategy customer from Switzerland) faced, when starting to implement a companywide ESG reporting and how MicroStrategy helped the team to address and overcome these challenges to receive a great outcome.


About Emmi AG:

Emmi is the leading manufacturer of milk and high-quality dairy products in Switzerland.

The company has an international presence in 15 countries. 30% of Emmi's net sales are generated with cheese, followed by dairy products and fresh products.

94% of the milk processed by the company in Switzerland is sustainable.


  • Thierry Vogel Project Manager Group Supply Chain @Emmi, Switzerland
  • Martin Weirich Partner, Financial Services Consulting, PWC Germany
  • Stefan Hege Account Executive, Switzerland, MicroStrategy

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