Published: May 20, 2022  •  230 Views

Spring Cleaning Time: 4 Steps to Reduce Clutter & Improve Analytics Adoption

According to BARC Senior Analyst Robert Tischler, one of the biggest obstacles to data-driven decision-making isn’t a lack of data—it’s too much data. Teams are drowning in reports, spreadsheets, alerts, and dashboards. Many of which have out-of-date information or rely on silo data. A concerted effort to reduce the number of reports relied on by the organization, create a trusted common vocabulary across departments, and focus on the actionability of a targeted set of vital trends and KPIs can make everyone in the organization faster and smarter.


Hear from MicroStrategy product experts as they walk you through the steps you can take to cut through the noise and start acting on the information that matters:

  • Create a single version of the truth by establishing an enterprise semantic graph
  • Upgrade static reports and dashboards to interactive Dossiers™ and applications
  • Embed high-impact analytics into enterprise apps across departments
  • Boost engagement to 100% with HyperIntelligence
Roxane Edjali

Senior Director,
Solution Management

Holly Stevens

Senior Product Marketing