Published: December 27, 2022  •  128 Views

Self-Service Sales: Making Compensation Analytics Simple with NICE

Discover how NICE’s sales performance management (SPM) solution embeds analytics with MicroStrategy to transform the way organizations handle payments and paychecks.  

NICE SPM solves even the most difficult workstreams in the sales incentive process. It incorporates well-designed analytics with the transparency, trust, and motivation needed to handle complex compensation calculations.  

Watch our webinar and discover all the benefits this co-op solution can deliver for your organization and hear the story behind its development. Attendees will learn about: 

  • Why NICE chose to partner with MicroStrategy to develop its product 
  • How NICE SPM serves organizations with extensive sales teams across regions 
  • The importance of data visibility and trust for sales reps, managers, and admins–highlighting payments, prior period reprocessing, clawbacks, etc. 

Experience the platform yourself!

Request a pilot and member of our team will contact you to understand your business needs and demonstrate how MicroStrategy can help.


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